Light Pink Empress Enamel Pin
Light Pink Empress Enamel Pin
Light Pink Empress Enamel Pin
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Light Pink Empress Enamel Pin

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This pin came with a flaw on most pins. Please read and view photos before purchasing. 

These pins come with translucent Enamel at the bottom of the design. Due to a manufacturer flaw, all of the pins came with uneven translucent enamel on the design. This means some have an overflow of translucent enamel in some parts and at some parts you are able to view the metal shining through the enamel. 

Please be aware that none of the pins in this listing are true standard grades due to this problem. The first option on this listing is Standard Grades with Uneven Translucent Enamel, pins that have this issue but besides that are nearly perfect aside form a few possible flaws listed in my Standard Grading below. The second option is Seconds with Uneven Translucent Enamel, pins with the uneven translucent but could also include more flaws included in my description below. 

Please feel free to email me with any further questions. 


The Empress Hard Enamel Pin
- Gold Plating
-Sandblasted Transparent Enamel
- Approx 3.5 inches

*Pin hoop not included in purchase!*

Please be aware the colors of the pin in the photo can vary to colors in person based on screen differences. The translucent enamel can also appear colored different depending on the light. 


Unfortunately, I can’t guarantee you get a perfect pin as they’re handmade and can come with flaws. Here’s how I grade my pins.

Standard pins are pins that have a few to no flaws.

Flaws can include:

-Light scratches on metal or enamel

-Slight Discoloration

-Air bubbles

-Minor plating imperfections

-Dust or dirt

-Flaws on the back of the pin and sides

-Minor enamel overfill/underfill

-Small chips in metal

-Slightly misaligned screen print

-Inconsistent Enamel/Textured Enamel

-Pin pricks/Indents in Enamel

Seconds are pins with more noticeable damage to them, sold at a discounted price because of it.

Flaws with seconds can include:

-Large scratches


-Missing enamel

-Missing metal lines

-Multiple Air Bubbles

-Lots of scratches

-Largely misaligned screen print

Please be aware that grading is up to my discretion and I grade many pins. I have a long list of possible flaws in case I miss flaws under different lighting. Most Seconds pins will have more prominent flaws while Standard pins will most likely just have a few from the list.



The time I take to send out orders varies, I try to get things out within 3-5 business days however. After the product is shipped and tracking number has been sent out, I am NOT responsible for the package any longer. If there are any issues please reach out to me and I'll see if I can help!


Buyers are responsible for customs and import taxes that may arise. As mentioned previously I am not responsible for delays that arise due to shipping and customs.


I do not accept returns, exchanges, or cancellations on products. If there is an issue on your order please reach out and I can try my best to help.

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