Pin Grading

Unfortunately, I can’t guarantee you get a perfect pin as they’re handmade and can come with flaws. Here’s how I grade my pins.


Standard pins are pins that have a few to no flaws.

Flaws can include:

-Light scratches on metal or enamel

-Slight Discoloration

-Air bubbles

-Minor plating imperfections

-Dust or dirt

-Flaws on the back of the pin and sides

-Minor enamel overfill/underfill

-Small chips in metal

-Slightly misaligned screen print

-Inconsistent Enamel/Textured Enamel

-Pin pricks/Indents in Enamel


Seconds are pins with more noticeable damage to them, sold at a discounted price because of it.

Flaws with seconds can include:

-Large scratches


-Missing enamel

-Missing metal lines

-Multiple Air Bubbles

-Lots of scratches

-Largely misaligned screen print


Please be aware that grading is up to my discretion and I grade many pins. I have a long list of possible flaws in case I miss flaws under different lighting. Most Seconds pins will have more prominent flaws while Standard pins will most likely just have a few from the list.