Shop Policies


The time I take to send out orders varies, I try to get things out within 3-5 business days however.

I offer a variety of different products, some of which are shipping in different packaging then others. Because of this you may be charged for shipping twice on some orders where I need to pack and ship items separately.

An example would be if you were to order a pillow and a print. Pillows are packed in a flexible poly mailer and prints are usually packed in a rigid mailer to prevent bending the artwork. Due to this they would be shipped separately and my shop may charge you as such. If you think this is a mistake please feel free to reach out and I would be happy to help! 

 After the product is shipped and shipping confirmation email is sent, I am NOT responsible for the package any longer. 

If there are any issues please reach out to me and I'll see if I can help!


Buyers are responsible for customs and import taxes that may arise. As mentioned previously I am not responsible for delays that arise due to shipping and customs.


I do not accept returns, exchanges, or cancellations on products. If there is an issue on your order please reach out and I can try my best to help.


Pre-orders are listings for items that have not yet been made. By purchasing one, you are helping me fund the production of the product. Because of this pre-orders will take a much longer time to ship, estimates may vary on the product. Please read over the individual listing's description carefully before ordering.

Products may be delayed that are under pre-order due to production taking longer than expected. These delays should be expected.


I work hard to try and keep the final pin product as close to the preorder images as possible. However, it is impossible to keep the artwork 100% accurate to the digital file on screen. I work closely with my manufacturers to try and get the closest and best product made from the original art. 

Sometimes due to the medium of enamel pins, this can result in lines shifting slightly or colors being switched. All of these changes are with the final products appearance in mind. When preordering from me you must have flexibility with art to pin transitions. If you need to know what it looks like to feel happy and comfortable purchasing, please wait to purchase. Disliking my color choices or line shifts are not acceptable reasons to request refunds. 

I understand preorders may not be for everyone. When you preorder an item from my shop you understand that the item could be delayed for a long period of time or the appearance can shift slightly. In exchange for this risk, I try my best to always offer a preorder discount and occasionally free items. However please feel free to wait for the item to come in if you feel uncomfortable with these policies. I always will have extras of preorder items after the presale.